American Deli Menu Prices 2022

American Deli Menu Prices

American Deli Menu Prices: American Deli is a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States. It serves subs, gyros, and Philly cheesesteaks as well as hot wings. 

In a relaxed and friendly environment, the store’s mission statement is to provide delicious, fresh food that “keeps you coming back for more.” 

It aims to bring people together through good food. Its staff takes time to prepare delicious, all-time favorite dishes that customers love.

The restaurant believes that great times are only possible with great food. The store’s reputation and popularity have steadily increased, and it is now a “restaurant staple.” 

The chain has seen rapid growth in the Southeast region through its franchise program. Over the years, the franchise has been an enormous success. 

Customers love the fast service and enjoy the food. If you are looking for fast American fare, this restaurant is a great place to order takeout. 

You can enjoy all your favorite dishes like wings, gyros, and burgers at the restaurant. The menu offers a variety of options to suit everyone’s tastes.

Find American Deli’s Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

American Deli Menu Prices

Item Price

American Deli WINGS Menu Prices 2022

FAMILY PACK served w/celery & bleu cheese
6 pcs. $4.99
10 pcs. $7.99
20 pcs. $14.99
30 pcs. $21.99
50 pcs. $34.99
75 pcs. $50.99
100 pcs. $67.99

American Deli SALADS Menu Prices 2022

Chef or Tuna (Small) $4.99
Chef or Tuna (Large) $5.99
Fried or Grilled Chicken (Small) $5.49
Fried or Grilled Chicken (Large) $5.99
Garden (Small) $3.99
Garden (Large) $4.99

American Deli CHICKEN FINGERS Menu Prices 2022

4pc. Chicken Tenders $5.99
served w/honey mustard sauce
Combo $6.99
Served w/honey mustard sauce, fries, & drink

American Deli PHILLYSTEAK Menu Prices 2022

Philly Sandwich $5.49
Grilled extra lean steak or chicken & bell peppers, onions, mushrooms w/melted white American cheese.
Philly Sandwich Combo
Combo served w/fries & drink
Philly & Wings $9.49
Philly cheese steak & 5 pc. Wings.
Add fries $1.00

American Deli  REUBEN Menu Prices 2022

New York Style! REUBEN $
Corned beef, dark rye bread, swiss cheese, sauerkraut w/Russian dressing-grilled Sandwich
Combo $
Served w/fries & drink

American Deli  BURGER Menu Prices 2022

BURGER Thick, Tender & Juicy $
Made w/their selected 100% half pound beef or chicken pattie.
Burger Combo $
Served w/fries & drink.

American Deli SUBS Menu Prices 2022

SUBS Freshest Ingredients! $
Ham, turkey, w/fresh tomatoes, lettuce, Cheese, onions, pickles & banana peppers.
Sub Sandwich Combo $
Served w/fries & drink.
Deli Combo $
Sub sandwich or small salad & 5pc. Wings
Add Fries $

American Deli  FRIED RICE Menu Prices 2022

Fried Rice $
New Gourmet Style.
Fish $
Crispy & Perfectly Seasoned! Served w/tartar sauce & coleslaw.
Combo $
includes fries & drink
WRAP Combo $
Served w/fries & drink

American Deli SHRIMP Menu Prices 2022

Shrimp Crunchy Fried $
8pc. Shrimp, served w/cocktail sauce.
Combo $
Served w/cocktail sauce, fries & drink.

American Deli  GYROS Menu Prices 2022

GYROS Handmade the Greek Way! $
Large, tasty, flavory gyros! Full of spicy meat, lettuce, tomato, onion along w/a home made tangy gyro sauce. Your choice of meat: Lamb, Beef or Chicken.


In Atlanta, Georgia, the first American Deli opened in 1989 at South DeKalb Mall. Customers loved the food. 

The first store’s success in Columbus, Georgia, led to the opening of a second one shortly afterward. 

The store gained popularity. Atlanta, Georgia, was the next to open a store. The establishment’s popularity and reputation continue to grow. 

It has grown slowly but steadily in the Southeast and Texas. It is thriving and has been highly successful. American Deli International, Inc. owns and operates the restaurant chain.

American Deli International, Inc. was established in Delaware. The company was established on December 17, 2008. 

It is also registered in Georgia. It was officially registered in Georgia on January 13, 2011; Chong C. Kim is the Chief Executive Officer, and Eun Young Kim is the Secretary. 

Suk Kim Yon is the Chief Financial Officer. Suk Kim Yon, the corporate office, provides new menus to franchisees when they open a new store. 

The corporate office also hosts regular events, and it also offers training and marketing support to its franchisees.

There are currently over 100 locations, most of which are located in the Southeast. The chain has Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas. 

The majority of locations are located near shopping malls and office complexes. These units can be built as either freestanding or inline units. 

It also has smaller kiosks that can be found in food courts. The chain’s corporate headquarters are located at Northeast Expressway, Atlanta, Georgia. 

The company is primarily a franchise and depends on its franchises for growth, expansion, and success.

American Deli International, Inc. offers a great franchise program. Franchisees have the opportunity to open their deli shop. 

The company is actively looking for highly qualified business people to join its network as owners or operators. 

Over 60 operators and owners strive to offer excellent service and satisfy customers. 

The franchise model is the preferred way to do business, and its franchise system is the key to the chain’s success and growth.


The store is open from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Many American favorites are on the menu, including burgers and wraps, Philly cheesesteaks and Reuben sandwiches, chicken fingers, chicken wings, and chicken fingers. 

There are many options for food items, and sub sandwiches can be made with turkey or ham. Customers can choose from gourmet styles: vegetable, chicken, beef, or shrimp fried. 

The salads include the chef, tuna, and fried or grilled chicken. Many flavors are available for chicken wings, including hot wings, lemon pepper, and teriyaki.

Reuben sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks, burgers, and gyros generally cost between $5-$6. The prices for salads vary depending on their size. 

The fried rice costs between $3 and $5, and the shrimp between $6 and $7. Chicken fingers range in price from $5 to $6. 

Sub sandwiches can also be purchased for $5 to $6. The Philly cheesesteak is a grilled chicken or steak with bell peppers and onions. 

It also includes melted American cheese. The New York Style Reuben sandwich is corned beef and dark rye bread, and it also includes Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese.

Chicken wings are available in many different flavors, and they can be purchased as a Family Pack with celery, bleu cheese, and a variety of other condiments. 

There are six, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, seventy-five, seventy-five, seventy-five, and one hundred wings. The cost of chicken wings ranges from $4 to $68, depending on the size of your order. 

The fish can also be purchased in 2 to 4 pieces. Prices vary depending on the order size, and the fish is perfectly seasoned and crispy. 

The fish is served with tartar sauce, coleslaw, and a side of slaw. These menu items can also be ordered as combos, and they come with fries and a beverage.

The restaurant serves mostly takeout and can be ordered over the phone or in person. Takeout is quick and easy. 

Customers can also dine in, but it is limited due to the restaurant’s small size and the limited seating areas. Although the food is not as light as fast food, it is tasty. 

Customers love the wings. Although the wings are tiny, customers have said that they taste great. Highly recommended are the teriyaki wings. 

The restaurants are clean. Overall, this restaurant is a casual spot where customers enjoy American fast-food favorites.

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