Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices 2022

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices 2022

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices 2022: Bahama Buck’s is a tropical place to find shaved ice. They’re a flavor-driven company and their slogan is “Flavor your life”. With more than 90 unique flavors available without excluding any of their signature flavors, they truly do refresh the taste of your life.

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices

The stores are designed with relaxation in your mind. Every store is an island-inspired paradise. Their staff is professional and friendly, they want to make your time there feel like you’re on vacation and never leave. The combination of delicious taste, top-quality shaving ice, and friendly customer service have ensured the company has established itself as the best place for Shaved Ice.

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices 2022




Bahama Buck’s Shaved Ice Menu Prices 2022

Buck’s Shaved Ice Baby (8 oz.) $2.89
Buck’s Shaved Ice Small (12 oz.) $3.19
Buck’s Shaved Ice Regular (16 oz.) $3.49
Buck’s Shaved Ice Large (20 oz.) $3.79
Buck’s Shaved Ice Avalanche! (32 oz.) $6.19
Tropic Creme (Add-On)   $0.50
Bahama Rama Mama (Add-On)   $1.29

Bahama Buck’s Island Smoothies Menu Prices 2022

Flavors: Bahama Colada, Bahama Daiquiri, Bahamakazi, Wavebender, Strawberry Freezecake, Strawberry Banana Calypso, Oasis, Coconut Kulana, Congo, Peach Flamingo, Bahama Berry Blast, Havana Cabana Banana, Funky Monkey, Orange Cruiser, Kokomoko, or Strawberry Bliss
Island Smoothie Small (16 oz.) $4.19
Island Smoothie Regular (24 oz.) $5.19
Island Smoothie Avalanche! (32 oz.) $6.19
Blue Bell or Vanilla Ice Cream (Add-On)   $0.99
Bahama Boost (Add-On)   $0.50

Bahama Buck’s Island Specialties Menu Prices 2022

Bahama Soda, Bahama Breeze, Caribbean Cola, or Cherry Sublime Small (20 oz.) $2.59
Bahama Soda, Bahama Breeze, Caribbean Cola, or Cherry Sublime Regular (32 oz.) $2.79
Bahama Soda, Bahama Breeze, Caribbean Cola, or Cherry Sublime Large (44 oz.) $2.99
Soft Drink Small (20 oz.) $1.59
Soft Drink Regular (32 oz.) $1.79
Soft Drink Large (44 oz.) $1.99
Dasani Water   $1.19

Bahama Buck’s Lemonades & Limeades Menu Prices 2022

Iced or Frozen
Lemonade, Limeade, Lemon-Limeade, Cherry Limeade, or Strawberry Lemonade Regular (24 oz.) $2.99
Lemonade, Limeade, Lemon-Limeade, Cherry Limeade, or Strawberry Lemonade XL (44 oz.) $4.99

Bahama Buck’s Frostalattés Menu Prices 2022

Frozen Island Coffees
Arumba, Blondé Mocha, Cocomel, Island Mocha, Mahalo Mocha, Paradise Royale, Playa del Caramel, or Vanilla Vista Small (16 oz.) $3.99
Arumba, Blondé Mocha, Cocomel, Island Mocha, Mahalo Mocha, Paradise Royale, Playa del Caramel, or Vanilla Vista Regular (24 oz.) $4.99

Bahama Buck’s Paradise Party Pack Menu Prices 2022

Paradise Party Pack (Serves 10) Jr. $24.99
Paradise Party Pack (Serves 25) Regular $49.99

Bahama Buck’s SnoBlast Menu Prices 2022

Creamy Frozen Treat
Cherry Sublime, Krazy Coconut, Riptide Razberry, or Watermelon Wave 16 oz. $3.39

Bahama Buck’s Sno2Throw Menu Prices 2022

Original SnoBalls
Avalanche Pack 24 Pc. $8.99
Super Cooler 60 Pc. $14.99

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices History 2022

Bahama Buck’s is relatively recent It was first established in the year 1990, in the year 1990 by Blake Buchanan. At the moment, Buchanan was a student at Texas Tech University and was initially just looking to help pay for his the university. He began with just one Ice Shaver and a bit of assistance from his family and acquaintances.

The store’s success was evident and Buchanan soon established his first store within Lubbock, Texas. The premise behind Bahama Buck’s is straightforward offering a friendly, enjoyable service in an environment that is tropical and creative with high-quality products. The business has grown to 31 stores spread across Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, with plans to expand into 61 stores.

A majority of the locations are franchised, but since they follow the guidelines of the franchise agreement, this has made sure that the “good vibes’ name and overall feel of all franchises have been faithful to their original location. If you visit one of their stores, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to your private island getaway.

Buchanan remains very involved in the brand, as are his spouse Kipi and the grandfather Tom and his close friend Eric Lee. Every new store is run by the same high values and enthusiasm as the original store did. They constantly update their menus but remain the original flavor of their menu.

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices Review 2022

The entire Bahama Buck’s are decorated in keeping with the original store’s island theme. Brightly colored booths, comfy seating, surfboards, and road signs that line the walls. It’s easy to fall into paradise the moment you step foot in. Everything they sell is made to add flavor to your lifestyle.

The brand is known for its Shaved Ice, however, they also provide fruits cups, smoothies coffee, and their own special Coca. The shaving ice is available in three different flavor varieties: thin, original ice, and super sweet. In addition, there are “no add-ons’. In terms of taste, you’re spoilt for choice such as mocha, banana colada, blueberry cheesecake Sugar cookie, tiger’s blood Jamaican punch Pink lemon sour pina colada, and wedding cake are only a few of the imaginatively named and delicious flavors.

A popular option is a tutti-frutti which is a wonderful mix of tastes. All of their products are available in a variety of sizes, including baby, small regular, large, and Avalanche. The friendly staff promotes the family atmosphere, and in many of their locations, you’ll have the option of choosing from a variety of card and board games that you can enjoy while you relax and take a bite to eat.

Another plus point of this restaurant is their affordable cost of food with a baby’s shaving iced drink costing $3. An avalanche, on the other hand, is just $6. The smoothies range from $3 to $5. If you’re having a hot day or any kind of day, go for Bahama Bucks for service with smiles, a comfortable environment, and a large cup of instant ice-cold.

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices Social Media 2022

Bahama Buck’s Menu Prices FAQ

1.What is a Bahama Rama Mama?

Bahama Rama Mama(TM) Bahama Rama Mama(TM) – It’s a huge portion of Blue Bell ice cream topped with a flavor-infused so. It’s then finished with the splash of Tropic Creme. It’s delish!

2. Can you buy Bahama Buck’s syrup?

Bahama Mama Shaved Ice and syrup for snow cones are available in a ready-to-use quart size container or in gallon-sized size. You can purchase Bahama Mama snow cone syrup by itself or by purchasing it as part of a package deal with multiple syrups.

3. How much do Bahama Bucks owners make?

The estimated cost of the investment ranges between $163,442 for kiosks and $463,884 if you have a big store. Another 6percent of sales are used for royalties while the remaining 2% goes to advertising efforts. The median income for the Bahama Buck’s franchise is $245,306 which includes the top 25% of franchises receiving $357,611.

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