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Sam’s Chicken, a fast-food restaurant chain, makes delicious fried chicken covered in homemade breading. This restaurant is based in the UK and is well-known for its tasty chicken and fast-food meals. You can also order combos and box meals for a family dinner. You can also find sweet treats and beverages in the section. Sam’s has something for everyone.

Sam’s Chicken is known for its fried chicken and peri-peri chicken. There are also a great selection of chicken wraps and burgers. There are also delicious side dishes like fries and salads. You can also choose from a wide range of ice creams or drinks. You can choose from box meals, or the family section if you are looking for combos.

Sam’s Chicken offers a wide variety of options. There are many options available in each section. Everything is fresh and delicious. Below is their full menu and prices.

Sam Chandrasinghe founded Sam’s Chicken in the UK in 1990. There are 34 outlets in the chain, most of which can be found in North and West London. As a way to promote healthy food, the food chain uses Rapeseed Oil. The food chain uses Rapeseed oil as a way to promote healthy eating.

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices

Sam’s Chicken offers a variety of food options, including chicken, wraps and peri-peri chicken. You can also find combo meals in the box section, as well as giant buckets and combos for the family section.

Their Sam’s Chicken is featured in the chicken section. The secret breading makes it super delicious and coats it in a special sauce. There are also chicken strips, chicken nuggets and chicken wings.

Next, we have burgers. There are many burger options available, including chicken steaks, chicken strips, and chicken fillets. All burgers are coated in Sam’s spicy marinade. These burgers are topped with cheese and mayonnaise. Sometimes, jalapenos and hash browns are added. A section also offers a veggie burger with a vegetable patt made with potatoes and onions. The burgers come in toasted sesame breads.

Sam’s Chicken offers a crispy, light wrap. There are four wraps to choose from. There are four options: the chicken wrap, the vegetables wrap, Mexo wrap and the Peri-peri wrap. Wraps are wrapped in crispy tortillas and filled with fresh vegetables and chicken.

Sam’s Chicken’s Per-Peri menu section is for those who enjoy spicy food. Peri wings, peri strips and half-and whole peri chicken are all available. This section also contains peri-peri buckets and combos. This section is for all periperi lovers.

Sam’s Chicken also offers a wide variety of side dishes. You can choose from sweet potato fries, golden fries and potato wedges. You can also find spicy rice, beans, coleslaw and crunchy salads. Don’t forget about the mozzarella sticks.

The Drinks and Desserts section offers a wide selection of canned beverages and ice creams. You’re sure to love Ben & Jerry ice creams. There are many flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice creams. Apple pie is also available. You can also get soda, fruit shoots and Elephants house drinks as well as simple bottled water.

There are two sections that cater to combo meals: the box deals section and the family section. The box deals combos combine burgers, fries, and soda for small combos. The family section is for large combos and big meals.

Let’s now look at the prices for Sam’s Chicken.


Maxi Burger £5.95
Mexo Burger £4.99
Fillet Burger £4.49
Blaze Burger £4.49
Peri-Peri Burger £3.85
Strip Burger £3.30
Steak Burger £2.99
Veggie Burger £3.52


Mexo Wrap £4.95
Chicken Wrap £4.00
Veggie Wrap £4.00
Peri-Peri Wrap £4.00


0 pcs BBQ Wings £12.10
12 pcs BBQ Wings £7.15
6 pcs BBQ Wings £3.85
20 pcs Peri Peri Wings £11.75
12 pcs Peri Peri Wings £6.10
6 pcs Peri Peri Wings £3.30
20 pcs Fiery Wings £10.99
12 pcs Fiery Wings £7.15
6 pcs Fiery Wings £3.63
6 pcs Fried Chicken £9.99
4 pcs Fried Chicken £7.15
2 pcs Fried Chicken. £3.65
20 pcs Boneless Chicken Poppers £6.60
12 pcs Boneless Chicken Poppers £3.85
6 pcs Peri-Peri Strips £6.10
3 pcs Peri-Peri Strips £3.30
6 pcs Spicy Chicken Strips £5.80
3pcs Spicy Chicken Strips £3.10

Peri-Peri Menu

Whole Peri Peri Oven Grilled Chicken £12.65
Half Peri Peri Oven Grilled Chicken £8.00
2 pcs Peri-Peri Leg £5.50
1 pc Peri-Peri Leg £3.00
2 pcs Quarter Peri-Peri Thigh £5.50
1 pc Quarter Peri-Peri Thigh £3.00
Quarter Peri Peri Oven Grilled Chicken Breast £4.25
Quarter Peri Peri Oven Grilled Chicken Leg And Thigh £4.25


10 pcs Mozzarella Sticks £6.10
5 pcs Mozzarella Sticks £3.30
Large Coleslaw £2.20
Regular Coleslaw £1.20
Large Fries £1.65
Regular Fries £1.30
Large Beans £1.65
Regular Beans £1.10
Hashbrown £0.70
Cheese Slice £0.25
BBQ Dip £0.55
Chilli Dip £0.55
Garlic And Herb Dip £0.55
Mayo £0.55
Peri-Peri Hot Dip £0.55
Peri-Peri Mild Dip £0.55
Sweet And Sour Dip £0.55
Tomato Ketchup Dip £0.55


Grilled Salad £3.85
Crispy Salad £3.63
Original Salad £2.53

Box Deals

Blaze Box £2.53
Devils Box £6.99
Peri-Peri Box £6.99
Combo Box £6.49

Family Bucket Meals

Variety Bucket £23.10
Mega Mix £17.60
Value Bucket £17.60
Peri-Peri Bucket £17.05
Mini Mix £14.30


500 ml Ben And Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ben Ice Cream £6.49
500 ml Ben And Jerry’s Phish Food Ice Cream £6.49
Apple Pie £1.30


Apple And Blackcurrant Fruit shoot £1.65
Diet Pepsi Can £1.30
7Up Free Can £1.30
Ginger Beer Can £1.30
Necto Can £1.30
Strawberry Miranda £1.30

Sam’s Chicken Franchising Details

Sam’s Chicken Franchising Details


Sam’s Chicken currently has 34 outlets, most of which are located in North London and West London. Franchise opportunities are available. Below are all details and the request form for franchising.

Franchising Details


Sam’s Chicken Contact Information 

Sam’s Chicken Head Office Address:Unit 6 Palmerston Centre Oxford Road Wealdstone, Harrow HA37RG

Sam’s Chicken Phone:+4420 8863 7246

Sam’s Chicken Email Address:info@samschicken.com

You can also fill the contact form to get in direct contact with Sam’s Chicken team.

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Facebook: facebook.com/samschicken
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