Chipotle Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Chipotle Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Chipotle Catering Menu Prices 2022: Chipotle is a must-visit specialty food shop that offers Mexican tastes of burritos and nachos. Chipotle is not a fast-food chain since it doesn’t use deep fat fryers and other artificial ingredients.

Chipotle also provides catering services throughout the United States, where the menu comprises almost everything you can discover in their restaurant. 

It is renowned for using only the highest quality ingredients. To provide a more enjoyable eating experience, the food items are prepared in front of your eye.

Chipotle began its journey as a small-scale burrito restaurant located in Boulder, Colorado, before it was expanded to over 2000 locations in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. 

The company was founded in 1993 by Steve Els 1993. McDonald’s Corp. has been an investor in significant amounts in the chain since 1998, when the chain was only operating 16 stores.

Chipotle Catering Menu Prices

Chipotle Catering Menu Prices 2022

Item Price
Two Meat Spread Price per person. 20-200 people order requirement.  
Choose two types of meat from Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa, or Sofritas (vegan) $12.00
The Big Spread – Three Meats and Fajita Veggies
Price per person. 20-200 people order requirement.
Choose three types of meat from Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa, or Sofritas (vegan) $13.50
Burritos By The Box
Price per person. 6 or more people order requirement
Burrito $8.75
Chips & Salsa Spreads
Price per box
Chips & Salsa Spread (serves 10-15) $40.00
Chips & Salsa Spread (serves 15-20) $55.00

Pros of Chipotle Catering Menu Prices 2022

Chipotle Catering service is suitable for almost any event regardless of size. It provides easy-to-manage options since guests can mix and match their favorite foods on the menu.

Your guests will surely appreciate the choice due to its healthful options. Chipotle prides itself on cooking fresh and avoiding artificial and frozen ingredients, and it follows the traditional cooking methods and completely avoids deep frying.

How to Place an Order with Chipotle Catering Menu Prices 2022

The option to create your taco is the most popular choice for occasions. There are between three options for meat: chorizos barbacoa and sofritas and barbacoa and chicken. 

The healthier alternative is to eat fajitas with vegetables.Place your order through Chipotle Catering can be done by calling 1800 CHIPOTLE (244-7685) or by visiting their restaurant close to you.

Ordering online is accessible, and you can click this link to place an order. To make ordering even more straightforward to use, download their mobile application that can be used on both iPhone and Android.

Food items ordered are available for pickup. In your order, indicate the time and date. There is currently no delivery. 

However, the management is investigating the issue due to the high demand from customers.

Because the food at Chipotle is easily accessible, ordering the same day is possible for small groups. 

However, for parties that exceed 20 persons, you’ll need to notify the restaurant in question with advance notice of at least 24 hours.

Chipotle Catering Reviews Menu Prices 2022

Chipotle Catering has several options that are best suited to the needs of your event. It’s ideal for parties that require less than six guests or more than 200.

Chipotle Catering offers burritos in a box to accommodate events that happen on the spur of the moment with little room. 

Chipotle Spread option, meanwhile, is the best choice for entertaining parties since it lets your guests make their burritos as well as tacos.

The cost per person for burritos in a box starts at a low price of $8.75. The Chipotle Spread ranges from $12 to $13.50.

The food items you order are neatly packed to be picked up. Chipotle Spread is a great option, and the Chipotle Spread option comes with an instruction manual to make setting up easy and for your guests to take pleasure in. 

Table cards are included to mark many of the things.The prices on the Chipotle catering menu are reasonably priced and are comparable with other establishments that don’t offer the same quality.

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