Jets Pizza Menu Prices 2022

Jets Pizza Menu Prices 2022

Jets Pizza Menu Prices 2022: Jet’s Pizza is a sought-after American pizza restaurant in Michigan. It is renowned for its tasty food, at a reasonable price and snacks.

Jets Pizza Menu Prices

The restaurant is renowned for its menu, which is the reason why customers love eating there. Apart from the finest pizza The menu also includes salads, sides, and beverages.

Jets Pizza Menu Prices 2022




Build Your Own Jet’s Pizza Menu Prices 2022

Choice of Pizza Crust: Deep Dish, Hand Tossed Round, NY Style or Thin

Premium Mozzarella Cheese Small $7.99
Premium Mozzarella Cheese Medium $9.99
Premium Mozzarella Cheese Large $11.00
Premium Mozzarella Cheese 8 Corner $13.99
Premium Mozzarella Cheese Party Tray $33.00

Jets Pizza Specialty Pizzas Menu Prices 2022

Choice of Pizza Crust: Deep Dish, Hand Tossed Round, NY Style or Thin

BBQ Chicken Small $11.26
BBQ Chicken Medium $14.16
BBQ Chicken Large $16.07
BBQ Chicken 8 Corner $19.96
BBQ Chicken Party Tray $48.21
BLT Small $11.26
BLT Medium $14.16
BLT Large $16.07
BLT 8 Corner $19.96
BLT Party Tray $48.21
Chicken Parmesan Small $11.26
Chicken Parmesan Medium $14.16
Chicken Parmesan Large $16.07
Chicken Parmesan 8 Corner $19.96
Chicken Parmesan Party Tray $48.21
Hawaiian Small $11.26
Hawaiian Medium $14.16
Hawaiian Large $16.07
Hawaiian 8 Corner $19.96
Hawaiian Party Tray $48.21
Super Special Small $12.35
Super Special Medium $15.55
Super Special Large $17.76
Super Special 8 Corner $21.95
Super Special Party Tray $53.28
All Meaty Small $12.35
All Meaty Medium $15.55
All Meaty Large $17.76
All Meaty 8 Corner $21.95
All Meaty Party Tray $53.28
Veggie Small $12.35
Veggie Medium $15.55
Veggie Large $17.76
Veggie 8 Corner $21.95
Veggie Party Tray $53.28
Grilled Chicken Small $12.35
Grilled Chicken Medium $15.55
Grilled Chicken Large $17.76
Grilled Chicken 8 Corner $21.95
Grilled Chicken Party Tray $53.28
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Small $12.35
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Medium $15.55
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Large $17.76
Buffalo Ranch Chicken 8 Corner $21.95
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Party Tray $53.28
Italian Sausage Supreme Small $12.35
Italian Sausage Supreme Medium $15.55
Italian Sausage Supreme Large $17.76
Italian Sausage Supreme 8 Corner $21.95
Italian Sausage Supreme Party Tray $53.28
Jet 10 Small $13.44
Jet 10 Medium $16.94
Jet 10 Large $19.45
Jet 10 8 Corner $23.94
Jet 10 Party Tray $58.35

Jets Pizza Toppings Menu Prices 2022

Each Topping Small $1.09
Each Topping Medium $1.39
Each Topping Large $1.69
Each Topping 8 Corner $1.99
Each Topping Party Tray $5.07

Jets Pizza Specials Menu Prices 2022

Deep Dish Duo™ (Premium Mozzarella Cheese Small Pizza & 1 Topping & Deep Dish Bread)   $15.07
Bold Fold (Premium Mozzarella Cheese & Bold Pepperoni NY Style Pizza) Large $12.69

Jets Pizza  Bread Menu Prices 2022

Original Bread 12 Pc. $5.99
Deep Dish Bread 12 Pc. $5.99
Jet’s Triple Cheese Turbo Stix® 12 Pc. $5.99
Add Pepperoni or Bacon to any Bread   $1.00

Jet’s Wings & Boneless Chicken Menu Prices 2022

Flavors: Plain, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Sweet Red Chili, Mild, or Hot Sauce

Jets Wings 8 Pc. $6.99
Boneless Chicken 7-10 Pc. $6.99

Jets Pizza Salads Menu Prices 2022

Antipasto, Chef, Garden or Greek Salad Personal $5.49
Antipasto, Chef, Garden or Greek Salad Medium $7.49
Antipasto, Chef, Garden or Greek Salad Half Tray $20.99
Antipasto, Chef, Garden or Greek Salad Tray $39.99

Jetzee® Subs Menu Prices 2022

Italian, Ham & Cheese or Turkey Jetzee Half $4.00
Italian, Ham & Cheese or Turkey Jetzee Whole $6.99
Italian, Ham & Cheese or Turkey Jetzee 12 Pc. $23.96
Italian, Ham & Cheese or Turkey Jetzee 24 Pc. $45.99
Steak & Cheese, Veggie, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Pizza or Meatball Jetzee Half $4.00
Steak & Cheese, Veggie, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Pizza or Meatball Jetzee Whole $6.99

Jet’s Boat™ Menu Prices 2022

Jet’s Boat™ (Premium Mozzarella Cheese & 1 Topping)   $6.99

Jets Pizza Desserts Menu Prices 2022

Cinnamon Stix   $4.99
Icing Packet   $0.60

Jets Pizza Sides Menu Prices 2022

Side Jalapeno Peppers, Mild Peppers, Black Olives or Parmesan Cheese   $0.75
Side Anchovies   $1.40
Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian or Greek Dressing 4 oz. $0.75
Ranch, Italian or Greek Dressing 12 oz. $3.75
Pizza, Jalapeno Cheese, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Mild or Hot Sauce 4 oz. $0.75
Butter Garlic Sauce   $0.59
Fat-Free Raspberry 4 oz. $0.75

Jets Pizza Beverages Menu Prices 2022

Soft Drink 20 oz. $1.59
Soft Drink 2 Liter $2.59
Aquafina Water 20 oz. $1.59
Pure Leaf Lemon, Extra Sweet, or Raspberry 20 oz. $1.79

Jets Pizza Menu Prices History 2022

John Jean and Eugene Jetts are the founders of this huge food chain. They renovated an empty party store and transformed it into the first restaurant’s site.

The restaurant is home to over 300 outlets in 2017. It has 312 franchised and 24 corporate-owned locations across all regions in the US.

Jets Pizza Menu Prices Review 2022

I had a wonderful time in all three venues I went to. They were all elegant and simple with plenty of chairs and tables to choose from.

The menu is amazing! They have hot pizzas that are juicy and cheesy. Jet’s Pizza will even let you make your own pizza!

In the case of pizzas, the top sellers include The BLT as well as The All Meaty. I would suggest trying the Alfredo Chicken as well!

I am satisfied with the service, too. The staff members at Jet’s Pizza are sociable and enjoyable. Pizzas are served on tables in under 20 minutes!

Jets Pizza Menu Prices Social Media 2022

1. How many slices are in a large pizza?

Large pizzas measure 14 inches wide and provide approximately 10-slices. Extra-large pizzas are in the range of 16-18 inches in size and should provide at least 12 slices.

2. What is in Jets veggie pizza?

Pizza sauce, premium mozzarella, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives & tomatoes.

3. How big is a party tray pizza?

The Parties Sheet Pizza This Sicilian-style rectangular pizza has dimensions of 18.5″ by 26 inches and is cut into 32 40, 48, and 64 parts.


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