Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices and Review ❤️️ 2022

Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices 2022: Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant serving delicious pasta and other well-known Italian dishes.

The catering services offered by the company is distinguished from the rest of the business because it provides Catering Meal Combinations that ensure that there’s something to suit all guests on the menu. 

It’s perfect for any occasion, from small private events to large ones, such as weddings and birthday celebrations. It’s also great for corporate and business functions such as team meetings or promotions.

The people enjoy Olive Garden for its hearty and delicious food items. The Create Your Own Pasta Station is a favorite among patrons since guests can customize their pasta dishes based on their preferences and dietary needs. 

Olive Garden has been part of the Darden restaurant group with more than 800 branches since 1982.

Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices

Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices 2022

Item Price
Meal Combinations  
Chicken Parmigiana Combination (Serves 10-14) $136.50
Lasagna Combination (Serves 10-14) $143.50
Chicken Marsala Combination (Serves 10-14) $150.50
Bruschetta Caprese (Serves 6) $14.99
Toasted Beef and Pork Ravioli (Serves 6) $24.99
Crispy Risotto Bites (Serves 6) $22.99
Stuffed Mushrooms (Serves 6) $18.99
Fried Mozzarella (Serves 6) $22.99
Chicken Meatballs (Dozen) $18.99
Half Dozen Breadsticks $2.99
Dozen Breadsticks $4.79
Homemade Sauces  
Alfredo Sauce (Serves 6) $5.79
Marinara (Serves 6) $4.39
Five Cheese Marinara Sauce (Serves 6) $4.69
Meat Sauce** (Serves 6) $4.79
Signature Salads  
Our Famous Jumbo House Salad (Serves 6) $17.99
Jumbo Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (Serves 6) $26.99
Homemade Soups  
Half-Gallon Soups (Serves 6) $13.29
One-Gallon Soups (Serves 12) $22.29
Breadstick Sandwiches  
Breadstick Sandwiches (Assortment of 10) $59.99
Breadstick Sandwich & Jumbo Famous House Salad Combination $69.99
Italian Classics  
Fettuccine Alfredo (Serves 6) $31.99
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce (Serves 6) $26.99
Five Cheese Ziti al Forno (Serves 6) $30.99
Gluten-Free Rotini with Grilled Chicken (Serves 6) $42.99
Lasagna Classico** (Serves 8) $33.99
Sausage Stuffed Giant Rigatoni** (Serves 6) $43.99
Ravioli di Portobello (Serves 6) $35.99
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce** (Serves 6) $29.99
Cheese Ravioli with Marinara or Meat Sauce** (Serves 6) $32.99
Gluten-Free Rotini with Marinara or Primavera Sauce (Serves 6) $28.99
Lasagna Classico** (Serves 12) $43.99
Chicken, Beef & Seafood  
Shrimp Alfredo (Serves 6) $49.99
Chicken Parmigiana (Serves 6) $39.99
Chicken Marsala with Roasted Potatoes (Serves 6) $43.99
Braised Beef & Tortelloni (Serves 6) $43.99
Chicken Alfredo (Serves 6) $45.99
Chicken Scampi with Angel Hair (Serves 6) $36.99
Garlic Rosemary Chicken with Parmesan Mashed Potatoes (Serves 6) $42.99
Perfect Additions  
Italian Meatballs (Dozen) $14.99
Italian Sausage (Dozen) $14.99
Chicken Meatballs (Dozen) $18.99
Grilled Chicken Breasts (6 Sliced) $18.99
Black Tie Mousse Cake (Serves 12) $39.99
Lemon Cream Cake (Serves 12) $39.99
Dolcini (25 mini desserts) $39.99
Tiramisu (Serves 12) $39.99
Seasonal Sicilian Cheesecake (Serves 12) $39.99
Gallon Iced Teas & Raspberry Lemonade $4.99
Soft Drinks (2 liters) $3.99
Italian Bottled Waters $3.00
Italian Market  
Italian Syrups (bottle) $7.99
Dozen Breadsticks $4.79
Italian Salad Dressing (bottle) $5.49

Pro’s of Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices 2022

Olive Garden makes foodservice extremely convenient for its customers. It provides delivery and pick-up services that meet the customers’ requirements. Food items are packed fresh in trays and platters, which keep them fresh and hot.

The customers keep returning to Olive Garden because of its authentic Italian food prepared using only the finest ingredients. The catering menus make food selection more convenient for patrons. In the last few months, its Create Your Pasta Station is now an absolute favorite with the customers of Olive Garden.

How to Order from Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices 2022

Some of the most sought-after items in Olive Garden’s menu are: Olive Garden menu are the following:

  • Chicken Marsala Combination
  • Lasagna Combination
  • Chicken Parmigiana Combination
  • Jumbo House Salad
  • Toasted Beef and Pork Ravioli
  • Breadstick Sandwiches

There are many ways to place an order or reserve catering services through Olive Garden. For starters, orders can be placed online via the official site of Olive Garden. The second option is to phone the nearest Olive Garden branch and place the order. Customers can also go to the nearest Olive Garden branch and have their orders processed at the moment.

Olive Garden prefers a 24-hour notice from its customers for the processing of orders. Should a notice shorter than 24 hours be required or for urgent orders, they have provided an emergency number to meet the specific requirements of this market.

Orders can be collected from the Olive Garden branch where customers have made transactions. Delivery is available for catering orders that have at least $100. Delivery fees are applicable.

Olive Garden Catering Reviews Menu Prices 2022

Customers love that Olive Garden Catering considers their preferences when it comes to the services they provide. The menu choices available allow clients to select the food they require for their event. Olive Garden’s menus are ideal for all kinds of events. The platters for parties are also available with desserts and sides. Additionally that, you can also use the Create Your Own Pasta Table is appreciated by guests, particularly at weddings and private parties.

The prices for its menu are reasonable. Food options vary from $10 to $20 per person. Make Your Own Pasta Station starts at about 11% per head. The prices are similar to other restaurants offering similar menus.

Its delivery and pick-up services are well-received by its clients as their preferences and needs are taken into consideration.

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Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices FAQ

How far in advance do I need to order Olive Garden Catering?

Make your order by 5 p.m. to receive next day lunch delivery. You may also make your order early enough prior to your date for your event.

What does Olive Garden Catering include?

Our catering packages include everything you need to cook an elegant food at your table for guests. Cutlery sets, plates napkins, serving utensils and table covers cups, and Ice are included in your purchase. The Jumbo Famous House Salad is served with red onions, olives pepperoncini, tomatoes and olives.

What is the cheapest food to cater?

The most affordable food you can serve will be rice or noodles-based food. Mexican, Indian, and Thai food items are tasty and reasonably priced. Also, if you're hosting a party during the day, you can serve breakfast and brunch items.

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