Pei Wei Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Pei Wei Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Pei Wei Catering Menu Prices 2022: It is believed that through food, different cultures can be brought together. As with other international cuisines, Asian delicacy also offers many different flavors that all cultures must taste.

Pei Wei Catering Menu Prices

Pei Wei restaurants pride themselves on their handcrafted, well-crafted Asian-inspired cuisine that is fresh, delicious, and ready for eating. Pei Wei Asian Diner was created in the name of P.F Chang’s China Bistro back in 2000. The first location opened in Scottsdale, Arizona.

There are over 180 locations across The United States and 5 international locations that include Mexico in addition to Dubai. In 2015, they introduced a program of customer loyalty named My Wei Rewards in which customers can earn points toward free meals and special deals. Pei Wei catering service is ideal for occasions such as office events, corporate meetings, and School Functions, and social gatherings.

Pei Wei Catering Menu Prices 2022



Pei Wei Catering Sushi Menu Prices 2022  
Party Menu Kung Pao Roll (32 Pc.) $31.99
Party Menu Mango California Roll (32 Pc.) $23.99
Party Menu Spicy Tuna Roll (32 Pc.) $27.99
Party Menu Combo (32 Pc.) $25.99
Party Menu Teriyaki Crunch (32 Pc.) $23.99
Party Menu Wasabi Crunch Roll (32 Pc.) $27.99
Party Menu Sushi Crunch Combo (32 Pc.) $25.99
Party Menu Side Salad $9.99
Pei Wei Catering Lettuce Wraps Menu Prices 2022  
Party Menu Traditional Chicken Lettuce Wraps $35.99
Party Menu Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps $35.99
Pei Wei Catering Entree Salads Menu Prices 2022  
Party Menu Wok Classic Salad $20.99
Party Menu Asian Chopped Chicken Salad $20.99
Party Menu Side Salad $9.99

Pros of Pei Wei catering Menu Prices 2022

If you’re a fan of food and are looking for something new to serve your guests, whether it’s for a birthday celebration, corporate party or other celebration, Pei Wei catering will serve you delicious Asian delights.

Pei Wei catering service provides high-quality, authentic Asian dishes that are sure to make a lasting impression on the customer and guests.

If you have lived in a hectic way, Pei Wei Catering would surely be a great option. The customer can serve delicious dishes to guests without having to worry about making, cooking, and planning meals.

How do I order from Pei Wei’s catering Menu Prices 2022

Pei Wei catering offers different kinds of food. Their menu includes famous sushi rolls, rice bowls salads, entrees for salads, noodles, and wok favorites that will definitely please anyone’s appetite.

For large orders, the restaurant has a Party Menu option that caters to large numbers of customers. This Party Menu is categorized into three categories. A Small Party is good for 10 guests, Medium Party for 15 to 20 guests and a Large Party can cater to up to 30 guests.

If the customer has more than 30 guests then it is recommended they get in touch with Pei Wei catering to make the necessary adjustments.

Although Pei Wei mostly offers ready-to-eat meals, customers may always inquire with Pei Wei should they need to alter their meal. Customers can expect that Pei Wei makes each dish using fresh ingredients and flavorful ingredients that are packed with nutrients but keeping its Asian flavor.

Pei Wei Catering Reviews Menu Prices 2022

To make a reservation, contact the closest Pei Wei restaurant for assistance with planning your dining occasion. You can also visit their website on their site and look through their menu.

In addition to the tasty menu, guests can also browse online for more information about the nutrition and allergen impacts of each food item.

To be able to properly accommodate orders that are large, Pei Wei suggests that the customer inform them in advance before the event to ensure they can make the necessary adjustments according to the customer’s requirements.

What sets Pei Wei catering apart from other Asian restaurant chains is the fact that they are extremely generous with the amount of food they serve. The majority of the dishes on their menu will serve five to seven people at an affordable price.

Customers not only receive the best value from their money, but with Pei Wei Catering they also can enjoy classic Asian-inspired dishes that are freshly cooked by a world-class chef.

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