Penn Station Catering Menu Prices ❤️️ and Review 2022

Penn Station Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Penn Station Catering Menu Prices 2022: Many people imagine the famous railroad that runs through Philadelphia when they think of Penn Station. 

It’s not dissimilar to the idea and concept that led to the renowned sub-stop of Jeff Osterfeld as a deli proprietor who traveled to his home on the East Coast back in 1983. 

Penn Station Catering Menu Prices

Even with the first Penn Station opening in downtown Cincinnati in 1985, it was still able to bring the flavor of Philadelphia and its famous Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

Penn Station is a steak and sub (short for a submarine sandwich) franchise. It is famous for its sandwiches, paired with traditional sides of freshly cut fries and lemonade newly squeezed, and it made this franchise famous for over three years in the years since it has expanded to more than 300 locations across 15 states. 

From selecting four sub sandwich options, Penn Station now serves 14 different subs. There’s a choice of the famous Philly Cheesesteak sub to the DIY Dagwood. 

Penn Station makes fresh, high-quality products every day, including lemonade, to its Sourdough bread.
What makes this place so attractive is the speed of service. Orders are made right before the customers use the freshest food there is. 

It provides a full-on dining experience with a cooking demonstration and fresh ingredients. It would be instrumental in purchasing convenience food portions that aren’t weighty and are guaranteed fresh. 

It’s good to know that Penn Station offers catering services that include its signature subs in a large tray.

Penn Station Catering Menu Prices 2022



Quick Choices for Catering  
All-Inclusive $9.00/person
Sandwich w/ Chips $6.50/person
Sandwich w/ Cookies & Chips $8.00/person
Sandwich $/5.00person
Sandwich w/ Cookies $7.00/person
Boxed Lunches  
10″ Boxed Lunch $10.69/person
8 Boxed Lunch $8.99/person
6″ Boxed Lunch $7.69/person
Cookie Party Tray (48 cookies) $19.99
Gallon Lemonade (serves 8) $9.99/gallon
Gallon Sweet Tea (serves 8) $5.99/gallon
Gallon Unsweet Tea (serves 8) $5.99/gallon
Bottled Water $1.49/person

Pros of Penn Station Catering Menu Prices 2022

Penn Station has a good array of catering options, including party-sized deli sandwiches, boxed lunches, and drinks per gallon. It’s cost-effective and practical, particularly for events that require you to feed many people with less effort.

Starting with its iconic subs and its freshly squeezed beverages, It’s a step up from serving just snacks for parties or another event.

Additionally, it is possible to DIY Dagwood option provides guests with the opportunity to prepare their subs. 

This can be a unique twist to the idea of serving the food for the event by allowing participants to create their replacements based on their personal preferences (it will be a massive help for those who have a selection! ).

How to order from Penn Station Catering Menu Prices 2022

Based on the type of event and the number of people you’re planning to feed, Penn Station caters to pretty every size (though the number of guests in the 7th and 7th below is instructed to select the menus that are customarily offered).

The sub tray is where you have the options of Smoked Ham and Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast Chicken, Smoked Ham, and Tuna Salad. 

There is also making your own Dagwood, and roasted Turkey, as well as Smoked Ham, are accessible favorites.

If you’re interested in the Deli Classics, you can choose this Box Lunch option that comes with Chips and Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bite and mint, all in a handy container that can be stacked. 

You can also purchase Box Lunches with small or medium-sized subs.The By-The-Gallon beverages from their company are a great option since a gallon of their fresh squeezed Lemonade, or freshly made Iced Tea can serve about 8-10 persons.

Thanks to its freshly baked Chocolate Chunk cookies, Penn Station also offers a delightful sweet option. There’s a choice of either the 4-ounce size or a tray with 48 pieces of 1-ounce cookies.

To order, it is possible to go to the closest Penn Station market and have it delivered a day or two later. This is convenient and easy, primarily when catering to more than thirty customers.

Penn Station Catering Catering Reviews Menu Prices 2022

The subs at Penn Station are convenient and suitable for informal gatherings and casual events. For groups of 8-15 people, Penn Station estimates the serving to be 1-2 catering trays for a deli with a maximum capacity of 34-42 in 4 trays.

The 16-piece Deli Subs are approximately 4 inches in size for the party sub tray and cost about $3 or around $48 for the tray.

For Box Lunches, 6 inches is around 7 dollars, 8 inches is about $9, and 10 inches is around $10. Every Box Lunch includes Chips, Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and mint inside the form of a box.

When compared to the typical prices for platters or boxes from similar franchises (ranging between $5 and $15), the different side dishes can be considered a plus to the item and the sweet price that costs $7-10 isn’t too good, particularly when you get the chance to try a new Penn Station sub.

The 4-ounce cookie costs approximately $2. The small-sized tray of cookies is around $20-22, depending on the size. Compared to other cookies baked fresh, such as from Mrs.

Fields, which is a minimum of $35, it is an inexpensive option and an excellent way to conclude the celebration with a sweet end.

Penn Station Nutritional Information Menu Prices 2022

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Penn Station menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

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Penn Station Contact Information Menu Prices 2022

Penn Station Corporate Office Address- 1226 Us Route 50 Milford, Ohio 45150

Penn Station Corporate Phone Number- (513) 474-5957

You can also contact the team of Penn Station by using the contact form on their website.

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Penn Station Catering Menu Prices FAQ

How much are Penn Station party trays?

for the party sub tray the 16-piece party-sized Deli Subs that are approximately 4 inches in size approximately $3, or approximately $48 for a tray. For Box Lunches 6 inches is around $7, 8 inches around $9, and 10 inches are approximately $10. Every Box Lunch comes with Chips, Chocolate Chunk Cookie , and mint inside the box.

How big is a regular sub at Penn Station?

Its Penn Station menu prices are quite similar to their submarine sandwich chains. Prices vary based on the size of the sub you order, and you can select between four

Did Penn Station change their bread?

Penn Station East Coast Subs is revamping its brand of 35 years by introducing PS 2020, which includes an overhaul of the restaurant and menu adjustments and enhancements. ... The sandwiches can be prepared using Penn Station's exclusive French bread or on its brand new multigrain bread.

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