Popeyes Holiday Hours 2022

Popeyes Opening, Closing, Sunday & Holiday Hours 2022

About Popeyes

Popeyes Holiday Hours 2022: Popeyes is an iconic American multi-national chain of fast-food restaurants that serve fried chicken. restaurants, which was established in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1972, and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Popeyes Hours 2021

Since 2008, the full name has changed to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. The brand was previously known as Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits. It is now an affiliate of the Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International.

The most interesting thing is that Most of the Popeyes restaurants are owned by the franchise’s owner. It is the second-largest “quick-service chicken restaurant group, measured by the number of units” following KFC

Popeyes Special items: Spicy Tenders, French Fries, Red Beans and Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Cinnamon Apple Pie, Chicken Waffle Tenders, and much more. The following are Popeyes hours of operation.

Popeyes Hours Open- Opening Hours 2022



Monday 10 am
Tuesday 10 am
Wednesday 10 am
Thursday 10 am
Friday 10 am
Saturday 10 am
Sunday 10 am

Note It is common for Popeyes locations to be ruined by the same hours of operation. However, I would suggest contacting and inquire with the officials in charge. Since this is a current situation, and things could be changed at any moment.

Popeyes Hours- Closing Hours 2022

Since Popeyes is run by an individual franchise, its operating hours completely depend on the franchisee’s owner and the area of the location. However, most Popeyes operate the same hours of closing.



Monday 11 Pm
Tuesday 11 Pm
Wednesday 11 Pm
Thursday 11 Pm
Friday 12 am
Saturday 12 am

the top fast-food restaurant is open all week long and on weekends. Before you go it is important to know their closing times.

If you’re looking to make a trip to your local Popeyes you can reach us toll-free at 877-767 3937.

Popeyes Hours On Sunday

Popeyes on Sundays: Popeyes offers their services on Sundays as well. Their hours of opening and closing are exactly the same as their regular times.

Popeyes – Holiday Hours

On certain public holidays to avoid any inconvenience for its patrons, Popeyes decided to offer its customers a service instead of closing completely. they adapt with minor adjustments.

Popeyes is available in the next few days and operates like normal.

  • New Year Evening
  • New Year’s Day
  • President Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Black Friday
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanksgiving day

Through the year they shut their doors only on two holidays, and they’re:

  • Christmas day
  • Easter Sunday

For more information about Popeyes For more information, please visit the official website www.popeyes.com

Popeyes Hours Chicken Hours 2022


Opening Timings

Closing Timings

Monday 10.30 AM 10.00 PM
Tuesday 10.30 AM 10.00 PM
Wednesday 10.30 AM 10.00 PM
Thursday 10.30 AM 10.00 PM
Friday 10.30 AM 10.30 PM
Saturday 10.30 AM 10.30 PM
Sunday 10.30 AM 10.00 PM

Popeyes Hours Nutritional Information 2022

Nutritional Information popeyes.com/nutrition

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Popeyes menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Popeyes Hours Important Links 2022

Official Website popeyes.com/
Locations popeyes.com/store-locator/service-mode
Offers popeyes.com/offers
Sign Up popeyes.com/signup

Popeyes Hours Contact Information 2022

Popeyes Corporate Office Address:  250 Williams Street NW Atlanta, GA 30303 United States

Popeyes Corporate Phone Number:  1-(404) 459-4450

You can also contact the team of Popeyes by using the contact form on their website. 

Popeyes Hours Social Profiles 2022

Facebook Page- facebook.com/PopeyesLouisianaKitchen/

Instagram Account- instagram.com/popeyeslouisianakitchen/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/PopeyesChicken

YouTube Channel- youtube.com/user/popeyes

Popeyes Hours FAQ

1. Why is Popeyes closing?

Popeyes will leave Korea. American Fried Chicken restaurant chain Popeyes will close its operations within Korea following its inability to find an investor the food chain confirmed on Friday. … Popeyes opened its first restaurant in the fashionable area located in Apgujeong in Seoul in 1994.

2. Does Popeyes use real chicken?

It’s not a fact that Popeyes has a large customer base, and we were thrilled to put the company to the ultimate test. Popeyes claims to offer genuine chicken that’s “marinated for at minimum 12 hours, made by hand, hand-battered and hand-breaded. It is full of bold Louisiana flavor.

3. Did Popeyes discontinue mac and cheese?

mac and cheese have been removed from their menu at local Popeyes however, it is possible to find it in other locations in this chicken chain. Check at the establishment first to make certain you’re not disappointed.

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