Potbelly Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices 2022: Potbelly Sandwich Shop offers a range of warm and toasty sandwiches made to be ordered and served on multigrain or regular wheat bread. The menu includes custom-made salads, soup and chili shake freshly baked cookies.

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices

The company was initially started by a couple of young people with an antique store which started serving their customer’s lunch and became huge popularity in the neighborhood and became an excellent lunchtime spot thanks to their sandwiches. The old-fashioned shop that was transformed into a sandwich shop was eventually purchased by Bryant Keil, who expanded the business to more than 400 stores across the United States.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop has a commitment to “Fresh, Fast, Friendly,y” and that is evident by the ingredients they utilize and the way they prepare it which ensures quality and freshness. Each order is delivered in 8 minutes at their shop and all staff members are welcoming and make you feel at home. It was named the #1 Sandwich by the Nation’s Restaurant News “Consumer Picks 2013”. If you’re planning to hold an occasion, Potbelly Sandwich Shop also caters for all events or gatherings, whether personal or professional, for a small number of six or a huge crowd.

This was merely the overview for their menu, and the entire menu is listed below. However, what’s on the Potbelly menu isn’t all I’ll share in this article. I will also provide you with information about contact information as well as franchising information and the food and nutrition information for the items that are within the Potbelly menu. Before you get all of this information let’s look up the history of Potbelly.

Potbelly is a restaurant in the United States chain, which was established by Bryant Keil on January 14 the 14th of January, 1977. The first restaurant of Potbelly was launched in Chicago. However, Potbelly was not originally founded as a food-related company.

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices 2022

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices 2021

If you’re going to Potbelly eating sandwiches would be the ideal choice for you. The menu includes BLT, a turkey sandwich, and grilled chicken. They also have wreck(r), chicken, wreck(r), Mediterranean, meatball, vegetarian, and so much more. The best part is that you are able to modify your order by picking the originals, flats, and bigs.

If you’re not a fan of sandwiches, you don’t have to worry because they’ve plenty of healthy and delicious alternatives to choose from. They offer salads as well as macs and soups. They have traditional, Mediterranean, chicken pot pie soup, broccoli cheddar, and lots more.

If you’re looking for something different to eat, you can add their sides and chips, such as Zapp’s normal chips, Zapp’s more hot and hot jalapeno chips sun chips harvest cheddar, and much more.

When you’re done eating take sweets and desserts. shakes and drinks like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies shake oreo cookie shake diet Coke IBC Root Beer and numerous others.

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices 2022



Potbelly Catering Box O’ Sandwiches Menu Prices 2022  
Full Belly (6 person minimum) $9.30
Basic Belly (6 person minimum) $6.30
Perfect Belly (6 person minimum) $7.55
Just Sandwiches (6 person minimum) $5.20
Potbelly Catering Bowl O’ Salads Menu Prices 2022  
Farmhouse Salad $41.60
Farmhouse Salad (no Chicken) $39.30
Uptown Salad $41.60
Uptown Salad (no Chicken) $39.30
Potbelly Catering Soup For A Group Menu Prices 2022  
Monday: Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Noodle, Garden Vegetable $29.10
Tuesday: Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Noodle, Garden Vegetable $29.10
Wednesday: Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Enchilada, Garden Vegetable $29.10
Thursday: Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Enchilada, Tomato $29.10
Friday: Broccoli Cheddar, Loaded Baked Potato, Tomato $29.10
Saturday: Broccoli Cheddar, Loaded Baked Potato, Tomat $29.10
Sunday: Broccoli Cheddar, Garden Vegetable, Loaded Baked Potato $29.10


Pros of Potbelly Sandwich Shop Catering Menu Prices 2022

True to its word to deliver “Fresh, Fast, Friendly” Potbelly Sandwich Shop ensures the freshest delivery of its catering. They will take orders on the same day but require advance notification for large orders. Set-up and serving utensils for the entire kitchen and condiments are offered to ease the lives of their clients.

The shop has three options for catering services. The most basic belly is comprised of chips and sandwiches. Sandwich, chips, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are part of the perfect belly pack. The belly package includes sandwiches and chips, deli salad, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The menu is available to your beverage of choice and soups, salads, or salads as additional items.

How to order at Potbelly Sandwich Shop Catering Menu Prices 2022

You can place an order via phone or on their website. The same-day delivery is available to cater for the last-minute planning of your celebration, however, at least 48 hours notice is required for large orders to ensure the quality and freshness of the food to be delivered.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Catering Reviews Menu Prices 2022

The sandwiches are served warm and toasty in a shareable box or in individual boxes. The Box O’Sandwiches ensure that the sandwiches are served beautifully covered and are stocked with tomatoes, lettuce mayo, mustard onions, hot peppers, and pickles for a DIY and personal delight for all guests at your party. For snacks that are individual, the sandwiches are available in boxes that can be customized to meet your budget and requirements.

The prices for catering at Potbelly Sandwich Shop differ by store, but with the variety of packages available, you can be certain to choose one that is suitable for your budget. It is suggested to speak with the catering sales manager of their company to assist their assistance in creating a container that is perfect for your budget and event.

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices Nutritional Information

Nutritional Breakdown potbelly.com/nutrition-calculator/menu
Nutritional Calculator potbelly.com/nutrition-calculator
Allergen Menu potbelly.com/nutrition-calculator/allergens

To check the nutritional information of all the items present on the Potbelly menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices Important Links

Official Website potbelly.com/
Locations potbelly.com/locations
Careers potbelly.com/careers
Gift Cards potbelly.com/giftcards
F.A.Q. potbelly.com/faq
Online Order potbelly.com/start-order

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices Contact Information

Potbelly Corporate Office Address- 111 North Canal StreetSuite 850Chicago, IL 60606USA

Potbelly Corporate Phone Number- (312) 951-0600

You can also contact the team of Potbelly by using the contact form on their website.

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices Social Profiles

Facebook Page: facebook.com/potbellysandwichshop/

Instagram Account: instagram.com/potbellysandwichshop/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/Potbelly

Potbelly Catering Menu Prices FAQ

1. How can I lose my Potbelly?

A belly that is not full is caused due to being overweight or having weak stomach muscles. Fat is located between your skin and the muscles. When the fat layer within your abdomen is over an inch thick it will form a stomach bulge. One way you can rid yourself of this is to shed weight.

2. What type of lettuce does Potbelly use?

Every salad begins with fresh romaine lettuce. Then, fresh sliced cheeses and meats, topped with a selection of fixings like marinated artichoke heart as well as roasted red peppers blue cheese as well as dried cranberries. Then, big old Potbelly Croutons finish the whole thing off.

3. What’s the healthiest thing at potbelly?

In sandwiches eating the sandwich that is the half Mediterranean can be considered the most nutritious choice as per the potbelly sandwich shop’s website nutrition menu. With 350 calories and 10-grams of fat five grams of fiber and zero grams of trans fat this vegetarian sandwich comes with healthy toppings like cucumbers and hummus, served on multigrain bread.

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