Rubios Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Rubios Catering Menu Prices and Review 2022

Rubios Catering Menu Prices 2022: If you’re seeking delicious seafood to serve for your next event Try Rubio’s. Rubio’s Coast Grill was previously known as Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill is an informal Mexican restaurant chain that serves seafood as well as other Mexican foods. Rubios Catering Menu Prices

The restaurant is well-known in the area of fish tacos that are made using fresh Alaskan Pollock, battered, cooked, and served with corn tortillas.

The founder Ralph Rubio found inspiration when Rubio first tasted a bite of fish tacos at an authentic taco stand in the spring vacation he was taking in Baja, California. Since the time, he’s been inspired to open a restaurant that served tasty fish tacos. Rubio began its first establishment in the year 1983, on Mission Bay Drive, at the Pacific Beach area of San Diego. The restaurant, as of the year 2016, is owned by Rubio. Coast Grill is home to around 200 eateries the majority of which are across Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Utah. Healthy and tasty food is among the primary reasons people go to Rubio’s. Their most requested dish is their fish tacos. Tacos are made of Wild Alaska Pollock, drenched in their famous beer batter, and then cooked until they are perfect. The restaurant also tries to reduce the number of ingredients and food coloring in their meals, which is appealing to those who are health conscious.

The restaurant was founded with fish tacos and fries and Calamari. The menu has grown to include a wide range variety of Mexican food. They offer Mahi Mahi as well as shrimp and tilapia, which are prepared into tacos, burritos, or burritos. They also serve the most popular Mexican dishes like Enchiladas, Nachos, and Taquitos. The salsa and guacamole are made fresh and freshly prepared every day. Rubio’s is a great option for catering an informal event. Rubio’s offers a wide selection of plates of Mexican food including a salsa bar as well as different appetizer dishes. There are a variety of options to select and plan your menu to satisfy your guests’ needs.

Rubios Catering Menu Prices 2022



Rubios Catering Large Groups Menu Prices 2022  
Taco Bar (Serves 10-12) $95.00
Deluxe Taco Bar (Serves 10-12) $140.00
Regular Burrito Platter (Serves 10-12) $95.00
Deluxe Burrito Platter (Serves 10-12) $140.00
Rubios Catering Small Groups Menu Prices 2022  
Small Taco Bar (Serves 5-7) $48.00
Sampler Platter $45.00
Small Burrito Platter (Serves 5-10) $48.00
Rubios Catering Appetizers and Desserts Menu Prices 2022  
Quesadilla Platter $36.00
Taquitos Platter $36.00
Salsa Bar (Serves 20) $28.00
Guacamole & Chips (Serves 20) $24.00
Sweet Treats Platter $20.00
Cookie Box $20.00
Rubios Catering Salads Menu Prices 2022  
Chipotle Orange Salad $30.00
Balsamic & Roasted Veggie Salad $30.00
Chopped Salad $30.00
Rubios Catering Enchilada Platters Menu Prices 2022  
Deluxe Enchilada Platter (Serves 10-12) $130 and up
Regular Enchilada Platter (Serves 10-12) $85 and up
Small Enchilada Platter (Serves 5-7) $43 and up
Rubios Catering Burrito Boxes  
Big Burrito Especial Box $9.50
Grilled Veggie Burrito Box $9.50
Ancho Citrus Shrimp Burrito $10.75
Rubios Catering Sides Menu Prices 2022  
Beans $5.00
Mexican Rice $5.00
Citrus Rice $5.00
Tortilla Chips (25oz.) $5.00
Guacamole (8oz.) $5.00
Salsa (11oz.) $5.00
Sour Cream (12.4oz.) $5.00
Creamy Chipotle Sauce $3.00
Grilled Chicken (20oz.) $20.00
Grilled Steak (20oz.) $18.00
Grilled Shrimp $22.00
Grilled Mahi Mahi (12pcs.) $22.00
Grilled Tilapia (12pcs.) $22.00
Grilled Atlantic Salmon (12pcs.) $24.00
Tortillas (Dozen) $4.00
Rubios Catering Complimentary Items Menu Prices 2022   
Napkins & Utensils $0.00
Plates $0.00
Salsa $0.00

Pros of Rubio’s Coastal Grill Catering Menu Prices 2022

Rubio’s provides a top catering service, and you can rest assured meet your needs for your event. be fulfilled. They have a specialist in catering who can assist you in making your menu according to how many guests and the budget you have set. The menu for catering offers three different catering levels that are priced in accordance with the number of guests that can be served.

Customers love the tasty food and their commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and freshness are also a draw for patrons. The main ingredient in their fish tacos is the Wild Alaskan Pollock, which is made using sustainable methods of fishing to protect the population of fish and the habitat. The fish is cooked on the traditional Mexican grill, giving its delicate interior, and perfect seared skin. The fish is also cooked with Hass avocados that have the flavor of butter and has an intensely creamy texture.

How to Place an Order with Rubio’s Coastal Grill Catering Menu Prices 2022

Ordering from Rubio’s is easy and quick. Rubio’s has a menu designed specifically for catering events and includes the number of people they can serve. They provide plates, complete meals with salads, side dishes tacos, drinks, and desserts. Larger groups can enjoy fun choices such as the Taco Bar that you can build yourself and their Sampler Platter.

Be sure to make your reservation prior to time, since the restaurant needs a minimum of 24 hours prior to prepare your food. Some restaurants do not provide delivery service, so be sure you inquire with their catering expert to determine if they provide this service or not.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill Catering Reviews Menu Prices 2022

Rubio’s excellent catering service covers the finest details of catering. The set menu is easy to clean and organize and you’ll spend more time entertaining your guests. You can also request the assistance of their company to serve food at larger gatherings.

Prices vary based on the number of people they serve and the location of the shop. Small portions can accommodate 5 to 7 people and are priced between 45 and 70 dollars, depending on whether you’re ordering Enchiladas, Burrito platter, or the Small Taco Bar. Their standard servings can seat 10-12 people, with prices range from 90 to 120 dollars. The Deluxe menu includes salad, additional dishes, or a dessert selection. The price is the price of 130 bucks or higher.

For events that have 30 guests plus, the establishment suggests ordering the Taco Bar’s biggest variation. The Taco Bar serves up to 60 tacos that are re-heated in pans. The warmer pans cost an additional cost that includes the fuel for chafing and an ice-cream stand. If you place an order for more than 60 people the warmer kit will be included for free.

It is also possible to convert the Taco Bar to a Seafood Taco Bar for more variety. There are a variety of choices available: Tilapia, Salmon, the beer-battered Wild Alaskan Pollock, Mahi Mahi, and Shrimp.

Rubio’s is a little higher priced than your typical taco shop However, it compensates its cost with the high-quality food and the regular service offered by the restaurant. The catering menu offers plenty of options to be able to get the most value for your money. The Standard and Deluxe choices let you pick the one that best suits your budget. You’ll get more value for the Deluxe however choosing the Regular and Small Serving can be an option that is satisfying. With an excellent catering service and delicious food, it’s impossible to make a mistake at Rubio’s.

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Rubios Catering Menu Prices FAQ

1. Is Rubios expensive?

Rubio’s (also called Rubio’s Mexican Grill) Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill is a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in Mexican food, particularly fish tacos. While seafood is more expensive Rubio’s prices are reasonable and affordable.

2.How much is Rubios Burrito Box?

For $29.90 for a short period of time, it includes the choice of any of four burritos. These include steak or chicken burritos specials, the classic shrimp burritos, as well as cheese and bean burritos.

3. What is good at Rubio’s?

A new menu of Rubio’s Coastal Grill items, such as their Chipotle Ranch Chicken Burrito and the Chimichurri Two Taco Plate, are among the most requested items that they offer on their menu. Other Rubio’s Coastal Grill foods include the Wild Mahi Mahi Burrito and The Ancho Citrus Shrimp Burrito along with the Cilantro Lime Quinoa Bowl.

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