What is Zipps Happy Hour Menu?❤️️ 2022 Zipps Sports Grill Dine-in Specials

Zipps Happy Hour Menu: Zipps are owned locally by owners, and the restaurants operate locally and are very friendly to neighbors. 

It’s easy for patrons to meet their neighbors and enjoy chats with friends while watching TV or playing games in The Zipps Sports Grill

It is also home to their Zipps Happy Hour menu, which contains a wide selection of dishes from Zipps Specials.

Zipps Happy Hour Menu

If you’re looking to fill your appetite with a healthy quantity of premium wine chips, drinks, salsa and more, then Zipps Happy Hour is for you. 

This post will examine the cost and available items on the Zipps Happy Hour menu. We will also help locate Zipps restaurants close to you and the times of Happy Hour.

What is Zipps Happy Hour Menu?

Zipps Happy Hour Zipps Happy Hour is for dining-in only. So, the items on Zipps Happy Hour Menu Zipps Happy Hour Menu are mostly dinner-related.

Here is a listing of available items on the Happy Hour menu. The list includes beverages and food items, and the prices of each item are also listed.

  1. Icebergs – This provides that extra chill you need to drink a draft beer or hard seltzer. Costs – $0.50
  2. Pizza Slices -Each slice costs about $3.25. Additional toppings cost $0.60 for each slice. The toppings come in various flavors such as onion, pepperoni mushrooms, pickled Jalapenos and pineapples, goat cheese, green peppers, and many more.
  3. Well, Drinks – Also called the house wines, sold for just $3.
  4. Zipparitas The product comes in numerous variations, including regular strawberry, watermelon, new mango, peach, and numerous others. The price starts at $6.50; however, $1 is added for each flavor.
  5. Zipps Blonde Pints – $4
  6. Hard Seltzers come in two varieties: Truly Hard Seltzer, where one is able the choose of pineapple or wild berry, as well as White Claw Seltzer, available in two flavors, namely mango and black cherry. Each costs $4.
  7. Ketel Ones – $5
  8. Crown Royals – $5
  9. Milagros – $5
    • Jack Daniels – $5
  1. Hendricks – $5
    • Jameson’s – $5
    • Premium Pints – $5
    • Chips as well as salsa and Guacamole The chips are served alongside salsa as well as fresh guacamole. It costs just $5.
    • 32oz Domestic Drafts – $6
    • Premium Wines: This includes a range of wines, including Kendall Jackson, La Crema, and more, priced at $6.
    • Chicken Skewers — About 12 white tender chicken pieces are served with two different sauces priced at $8.
    • Zipps Wings -this comes with three wings/pieces. It comes in different flavors: buffalo style, golden (sweeter), mild-medium, hot, or extra hot for $10.

The Happy Hour Menu at Zipps is available at all major locations, including ZippsScottsdale.

When is the Zipps Happy Hour Menu Available?

Because the Zipps Happy Hour Menu has been designed exclusively for dining, it’s available from 3:00 pm and seven at night and is unavailable on weekends.

So, if you want to go to your local Zipps restaurant, ensure you go at any time from Monday and Friday from 3:00 pm until 7:15 at.

How do I locate Zipps close to me?

You can get to know your nearby Zipps restaurant by visiting their official website – www.zippssportsgrills.com. 

Some of the most well-known Zipps places where you can benefit from their Zipps Happy Hour Buffet include the following: 

Shea, Park Central, Hayden, Gilbert, Bethany, and more. You can also submit your request via email via this official site.


Zipps Happy Hour Menu allows customers to choose from a range of meals and drink deals. Suppose you don’t take advantage of this specific happy hour menu. 

In that case, it is possible to take advantage of other offers like the Lunch and Dinner sized Salads, Weekend Hangover, Nighty Specials, and many others.

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